about lesser

“Even those not certified deep thinkers will find enjoyment here, and the most we can do really is to learn how to stop making sense.”  – Juaniyo Arcellana’s comment on Rox Lee’s Cesar Asar in the Planet of The Noses (neither a graphic novel nor a comic book)

the human mind imagined the impossible in the beginning.  then the impossible becomes reality after a series of fruitful failures.  can we not say that imagination is vital to the evolution of mankind?

i salute the mainstream filmmakers that still succeed in hooking the masses attention by projecting the series of signposts from genre films that are more than half-a-century-old.  these businessmen succeed mainly in their manufactures of mind-numbing visual & aural stimulation with their arsenal of cinematic cosmetics, deluding the audience to feel clever (“cool”) and almighty (“kick ass”) like a master of universe.

in this perspective, the making of genre films becomes the degeneration of human imagination.

could this commodification of the imagination lead to a generation of filmmakers and viewers that are addicted to generic pleasures?

would they be deprived of the field of innocence where they minds can become alive, open and function at their full potential?

“… by looking non-verbally at a tree or flower”
( J. Krishnamurti )

=>  cessation of thought
(“the image”: the psychological memory of yesterday)

=>  the perception of the thing as it is.

i dare not say that Lesser is a reworking of Cinéma vérité, Direct Cinema and/or Dogma95.  because a Lesser film doesn’t necessary possess the purity of cinematic realism.  but thru the experience of watching a Lesser film, the minds of the filmmakers & viewers are freed from the fear of being his/her minor self.

The Principles/Experiences of Lesser:

1. Detach oneself from the desired look and sound

2. Detach oneself from the fear and hatred of failure

3. Cultivate compassionate contemplation on all creations

4. Be patient to recognise the conditions behind the endless cycles of repression and indulgence.

5. Celebrate imperfection (of randomness) and impermanence (of the self).

what is called a “bad” film today may seem like a “good” film tomorrow and vice versa.  the definition of good and bad is irrelevant to a Lesser film.

Lesser film-making is the journey of the minor self emerging and growing into a major body, the eventual giving up of the major, and then making room for the birth of another minor self.  such is The Way of Lesser.

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