only one

this video was made in 2001 after 9-11.  it was my first essay video.

i remember i sold my 3-CCD Sony TRV-900 and DV editing workstation away after we buried Autonomous in 2000.  i told myself i’ll never make films again.  but i guess that maniac in me can never rest in peace.

Only One was made with the cheapest Sony single-CCD consumer mini-DV camera that was available on the shelf back then.  The first cut was out in 2001 without any color correction or sound design.  the spirit of Lesser was awakening in my little psyche that was twisted by a great dosage of self-denial.

i felt that there was something burning inside of me.  when i look at the TV on 9-11, i had egoistic idea about my work being ahead of its time.  because i was creating a metaphysical terrorist based on the conflicting vibes we get from the middle east & the west, the north & the south, the major & the minor, the insider and the outsider, the us and the other in Autonomous, a year before 9-11.  i thought i had powers of prophetic terrorist.  i decided to do Only One – a metaphor for terrorism expressed in the local context of fear/paranoia, sexual repression and the loathing of social elitism.  most of all, i hated myself, i hated the media, and perhaps i still do to a degree fluctuates with my mood swing.

and i had my first-and-a-half taste of rejection.  the local film festival didn’t want to program it.  we didn’t have youtube back then.  i became really depressed.  i felt that my desperate attempt to reach out to the world had been denied.  i started to blame the whole world.  it was really a very dark period of my life.  i’m grateful to fate that i didn’t have a chance to meet Hitler and/or Osama along the way.

so in 2003, i re-edit my first cut from 90 minutes to the current 60 minutes version.  i think it’s much tighter.  just laugh at my pompousness if you feel uneasy during the viewing.  like someone from the film festival once told me about the 1st cut, “I’m afraid if i put this in (the programme), they wouldn’t take you seriously.”

yes, the content in this video is not meant to be taken seriously.  instead you’re free to create whatever meanings and feelings that your sleepy soul might associate with the images & sounds in this video.

welcome to the flash-forward to a requiem for mister chew.


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