the end

like a good friend once said, “all things must come to an end.”

of course, i don’t mean that this documentary video, F, is about the end of Toh Hai Leong & me.  it’s just that i have to admit that everything i was pursuing (to create an ideal form of personal cinema) have all become meaningless when i look back at the footage of Hai Leong.

i began to believe that there’s no way we can create a powerful character like Toh Hai Leong in fictional cinema.  we are just too powerless & fragile to mess around with mother nature.

perhaps the essence of Lesser Cinema lies in the death of cinema itself.  perhaps…


2 responses to “the end

  1. Hi Chew,

    This is Joel, from Yamaha Plaza Singapura the other day. Trippy site you’ve got here man. I watched “F” and I really really like it! In all honesty – i was very moved. I wonder how Hai Leong is doing now?

    It’ll probably take me some time to get through the rest of the site. It definitely promises to be interesting though. Cheers man! Keep it up!

    I’m a fan!


  2. thanks for caring bro. hai leong is now well taken care of by “the system”. he is popping enough pills in a semi-private nursing home every day & night to forget all the miseries of humanity. but some of us still find it hard to accept the fact that he’s got Alzheimer even before we started the documentary shoot with him. he’ll be 53 in this coming march. they’ll start deducting his CPF once he’s turned 55. nothing is free in this world. F…

    i’m glad that you started with “F”, it’s the least alienating video among my works so far. hope you won’t be tripped outta universe by the following ones. good luck 😉

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